In the village of Matenwa, Haiti, men, women, and children all learn to dye their own fabrics and silk scarves using a batik technique. The community creates beautiful works of textile art, and sells them online internationally which is an important source of income for them.


This interactive book is aimed towards young children and teaches them the "ABC's of Pattern" while also teaching them family names through lifting up a piece of fabric to reveal mom, grandma, big sis, little sis, and lastly themselves wearing the pattern as a head scarf. The book features an ogee (diamond) pattern, a polka dot pattern, a check pattern, a floral pattern, and a stripe pattern. Each pattern is made with the village of Matenwa in mind, illustrated in a batik style with the motifs being moths, snakes, mangoes, bell peppers, and hibiscus flowers.

The texts reads as, "A diamond scarf for... (lift up fabric) grandma!" "A polka dot scarf for... little sister!" etc.

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